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AppInventor: Locate Me

In this exercise we will create an Android mobile app that displays your current coordinates in the app and shows your position on a map. What are co-ordinates? On a map co-ordinates are measured by latitude and longitude and a number for both these measurements can pinpoint your exact position on earth. What is GPS?… Read more »

Keepie Uppie – Scratch Video Sensing

We are going to make a game in Scratch where you will try to keep a ball up without letting it fall to the bottom of the screen. An example is shown below: Start by create a new Scratch project Remove the Scratch cat sprite Enable ‘Video Sensing’ by clicking the blue ‘Add Extension’ button… Read more »

Scratch Quiz Game

We want to end up with a quiz game that asks questions and keeps track of the score Start a new project in Scratch and remove the scratch cat. We would like something to ask the questions so choose a new sprite from the Scratch library. I chose Avery but you can choose anything you… Read more »

Animating Your Name with Scratch

For this exercise we will be creating a cool animated logo of your name. An example is below: Scratch allows creating games, animations and stories. Use a Chrome or Chromium web browser and visit Scratch at: When you first start scratch there will be one ‘Sprite’ (or object) on the stage – Scratchy the… Read more »

February 2019 Dojo in The Hub

Another interesting session with kids exploring Scratch, AppInventor and Java. Thanks once again to all the mentors and The Hub for hosting us. The March dojo is available to book here.

Coding January 2019

We kicked off 2019 coding sessions in The Hub in Newry – a co-working space with hot-desk facilities on Margaret Street. Suzanne & Paddy made us very welcome and we had kids getting stuck in to Scratch, AppInventor, HTML and Python. We also played around with the Oculus Go:

Coder Dojo Session Jan 2019

It has been a while since our last session. Unfortunately at that one I got a parking ticket 🙁 and after lugging around boxes of gear month after month I suppose I got a little fed up. However, we are back to start 2019 with a digital bang. We are hosted on Saturday 5th January… Read more »

Python: Username Generator

The previous exercise used random to choose a random number. In this exercise (also available as a PDF) we choose random words from lists to create custom usernames. This exercise introduces the following concepts: String Manipulation Lists For Loops Type the code below into a new or use an Python IDE (code editor) such as… Read more »

Python : Roll the Dice Multiple Times

We would like to expand the code from the previous exercise to allow multiple rolls of the dice without having to re-run the program each time. This exercise introduces the following concepts: Whitespace String Manipulation Functions While Loops If Control Statements To your existing ‘Roll the Dice’ code add the lines below: import random run_prog… Read more »

Python : Roll the Dice

This short exercise will cover topics relevant to GCSE computing including: Variables Data Types Random Numbers Log in (or register) at Create a ‘New Repl’ Then choose ‘Python 3’ as the language Type the following code into the left pane: import random random_number = random.randint(1,6) print(“The dice rolled: ” + str(random_number)) Then click the… Read more »