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Keepie Uppie – Scratch Video Sensing

We are going to make a game in Scratch where you will try to keep a ball up without letting it fall to the bottom of the screen. An example is shown below: Start by create a new Scratch project Remove the Scratch cat sprite Enable ‘Video Sensing’ by clicking the blue ‘Add Extension’ button… Read more »

Scratch Quiz Game

We want to end up with a quiz game that asks questions and keeps track of the score Start a new project in Scratch and remove the scratch cat. We would like something to ask the questions so choose a new sprite from the Scratch library. I chose Avery but you can choose anything you… Read more »

Animating Your Name with Scratch

For this exercise we will be creating a cool animated logo of your name. An example is below: Scratch allows creating games, animations and stories. Use a Chrome or Chromium web browser and visit Scratch at: When you first start scratch there will be one ‘Sprite’ (or object) on the stage – Scratchy the… Read more »