First Meetup

CmY2cGZWEAEyHxP.jpg:largeThe first meetup was a hectic affair with well over the 13 registered kids turning up and only Eddie, Padraig and myself to help out. We encountered a lot of issues with Wifi access, lack of cables of Raspberry Pis and lack of Android devices. But we are determined to make the next meet up even better by:

  • Computers – I’ll bring along four desktop computers with Lubuntu installed and software including Inkscape, PyCharm, Gimp, Scratch
  • USB Pen Drives – Ill bring pen drives with lots of software for Mac and Windows including: Inkscape, PyCharm, Gimp, Scratch, Anaconda, Unity
  • Pi – I’ll grab some VGA cables to ensure we can get some of the Raspberry Pis going

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